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  • I went through the business plan,It really looks impressive and beautiful.please tell your staff my thanks and my regards for your great piece of work
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  • Wow!! WE really like it!! You and your people did a great job with this business plan.
    We read all the pages and we are truly amazed with the work. You are a hero, beautiful job.
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Before You Write Your Small Business Plan
Created On: 12/08/2009  - in Business Plan Tips  - Comments  (5)

Business plan is the first and basic step on the path to success. Small business plan helps the owners to monitor strength and weakness of their business. It is the written description of a business’ future. Writing a small business plan that leads the business to success is not easy without a good business plan structure. There are number of small business plan structures available online, which are useful in number of ways.

Below are some essential tips before writing your small business plan:

• PROPER RESEARCH: Research is the basic tip before writing small business plan. Before writing business plan, it is necessary that you should have clear knowledge about your business. Thorough research about your product/service, market, customers and competitors is very important.  ... read more

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Writing a business plan for Spa
Created On: 18/08/2009  - in Business Plan Tips  - Comments  (9)

These days, spa business is considered to be one of the most lucrative businesses. There are hundreds of opportunities available for risk takers in the world of spa. These opportunities vary from type to type; such as, day spa, nail services, retreat centers, and beauty spa etc. Before starting spa business, you need a solid spa business plan. Writing a business plan for spa is not an easy task for any business planner. Spa businesses need very detailed business plan in order to start raising money for startup venture. This plan should have detailed information about each and every thing related to spa business. You have to research about each and every thing of spa industry.

While writing a spa business plan, you need to include every necessary detail of the business. Business plan should include details of business; such as, type of the business, location, its objectives, mission and vision, and its competencies and strengths. Business plan should include complete day to day routine details. This detail should include what services you will offer, what equipment will be purchased, how many people the business will hire, what will be the salaries of these people, who will do what, etc.... read more

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Tips for Writing An Executive Summary for a Business Plan
Created On: 08/09/2009  - in Business Plan Tips  - Comments  (31)

The beginning of a proper business plan is executive summary. Executive summary is mostly written at the end of the business plan, which highlights the contents of the whole business plan. It saves the reader’s time; as most readers don’t have enough time to read the whole business plan, they just look at the executive summary and get familiarized with what is written in the whole plan. Executive summary is the most common section of a business plan; it should be not more than a page or two.

An executive summary of your business plan must include a concise summary about: A description of your company including your products and/or services, mission statement, your business’s management, the market and your customer, marketing and sales strategy, your competitors, your business’s operations, and in the last, financial projections and plans.... read more
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Business Plan Presentation - What do Investors Want to See?
Created On: 16/09/2009  - in Business Plan Tips  - Comments  (40)

A business plan serves as a guide for your successful business launch and operation and helps you to generate capital. It shows investors and lenders that the owner has all the capabilities to run the business and they can invest in your business without hesitation.

Business plan is a road map to success. Business plan is different from product plan. It must contain a detail description of your company, why you want to start this business; your market analysis, competition, etc., while a product plan only contains description about your product and services.

After developing a business plan, you have to present it to potential investors. It is necessary that your business plan presentation... read more

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Writing Marketing Analysis Section in the Business Plan
Created On: 08/10/2009  - in Business Plan Tips  - Comments  (38)

The most important part of business plan is market analysis section. It contains information about your target market, products or services, competitors, pricing strategy, sales/distribution plan and advertising and promotional plan. This part also determines whether the market is sufficient enough to support the business or not.

It is necessary to review your market analysis section at least every year. Thorough research is very important before writing a professional business plan. You must be well-aware about every part or every question you are including in your marketing analysis section.

Products and/or services:

This part of marketing analysis contains the information about your product and services: How unique is your product from your competitors, how your product and services will give benefit to your customers and also the pricing strategy of your product.... read more

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